Whether you’re looking for a brand new laptop for work or entertainment, you shouldn’t sideline performance in the least. Over the years, Apple laptops have become the gold standard. While you may feel tempted to save a couple riyals and opt for a different brand, you’ll regret your decision a few months down the road. When it comes to speed, storage, and overall performance, Apple is the crème de la crème of laptop brands. At TrendQatar, we stock 100% original Apple MacBooks to help you find your favorites. Find the right MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for your needs and double down on your preferences accordingly.What are your display, storage, operating system, size, weight, battery, CPU, GPU, and webcam requirements? If you’re looking for a laptop for work, we recommend looking up the best Apple laptops for your job (e.g. graphic designing, video editing, software development, etc.) to shortlist options that can match your job’s performance requirements to a tee. Found the one? Shop away! We also feature detailed specs on each product page, so you can directly access laptop classifications. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 0097474476636. We’re always happy to help !