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The new Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker has metal construction. Xiaomi says the speaker has a warm matte-stone finish. It has a thin 0.7mm metal mesh wrapped around the cylindrical body that acts as the speaker area. There are about 10531 holes around the speaker for richer and thrilling sound. The top edge of the speaker has a ring strip that lights up and Xiaomi says it comes with 16 million lights. The top surface has touch-sensitive buttons. There are four buttons- volume up, volume down, play/pause, and microphone.

For sound, the Mi Smart Speaker has a 2.5-inch 12W speaker with a 63.5mm massive driver. There is a professional DTS tuning and Texas Instruments’ TAS5805M Hi-Fi Audio Processor for a 360° surround sound experience. Additionally, there are two far-field microphones for voice recognition.

The new Mi Smart Speaker also supports voice recognition through Google Assistant. Users can control music, set alarms, and control other smart devices. It can also be set up via the “Google Home” app to control light, security cameras, and more. It supports English and Hindi. Just Say “Hey Google” to get started.

Other features include Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity. It also has a Chromecast built-in. This can easily be used to connect TV, Smartphones for streaming audio, and video. Also, you can pair two Mi smart speakers for a stereo experience.

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From the Manufacturer

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A Great Sound

so that you can enjoy everything that you like, this model offers you all the power you need. It is one of the most spectacular voice assistants you will find, capable of providing a great control. So, this model has a sound power of 12W, which will give you everything you need to enjoy. This model has two speakers to give you high quality stereo sound, designed for your enjoyment. All this, together with a compact design, which will allow you to put it anywhere in the house and use it wherever you need it. The most spectacular model you have in your hands, and that will last you a very long time

You Can Control Everything

So that you can control everything in the best way, this model has an integrated chromecast so that you can connect everything in the best way. With the ability to use multiple applications, this is one of the best models you will find right now, capable of giving you everything you need.