Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush T700

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QAR 349.00

  • Multiple power adjustment
  • LED smart display
  • Long battery lifeĀ 
  • Flexible charging
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From Manufacturer

The bristles are DuPont™ Staclean Brush wire Gently cleans, reducing gum irritatioin

Specially designed for sensitive teeth, this product has soft and non-irritant bristles that go extensively into the gap of gums to clean teeth stains

4mm ultra-thin brush headComfortable size, flexible cleaning4mm ultra-thin brush headComfortable size, flexible cleaning

The smaller head reduces discomfort, and helps to easily clean the oral corners

2 times the density, convex shapePowerful, clean, safe and healthy

The higher density and convex-shaped bristles will bring you a more thorough cleaning experience. With the Bass brushing method, the 45° inclined vibration around and under the gumline will help comprehensively remove food residue and soft dirt. The bristle is tested in accordance to FDA standard* and is safe to use.

Magnetic levitation sonic brushless motorSuper cleaning power, low noise and shock absorption

39,600 times/min high-frequency vibrations delivers strong and stable power to effectively remove dental plaque, tartar and other stains. Shock absorbing materials are also used to greatly reduce the discomfort of hands.