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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Compressor Pump

Product review summary

179 QAR

  • Wherever you go, be prepared. Go further and don't be afraid of having a puncture. The high precision alloy allows compression up to 150 psi to measure the necessary air force for road bikes as well as more common bikes.
  • Preparation is key. Check tire pressure and anticipate unexpected problems. With the changing seasons and temperatures, it is important to keep your tire pressure up to date. Too low a pressure can be dangerous. If at any time a puncture occurs, My Portable Electric Air Compressor is there to help you.
  • Explore without limits. Compatible with a portable charger. Travel requires careful preparation. My Portable does not need to be plugged in to work. It is compact and lightweight and easy to carry in your bag.
  • It's easy, keep up the pressure. Don't worry about pressure when you inflate a ball. My Portable accurately measures psi while pumping.
  • Segmented movement for long-lasting use . The motor design allows the air compressor to dissipate heat and reduce vibration for comfort while in use. Its 18650 lithium battery is very efficient and long lasting.



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from manufacturer

Digital Tire Pressure Detection for Safe Driving. Monitor tire pressure at any time to respond to emergencies

.Full Power Charges 41 Footballs (1minute Charge 1 Ball)

.Full Power Charges 8 Bike Tires (3 Minutes Charges 1 Tire)

USB charging & lighting design

LED lighting for easy operation in the dark. Micro-USB charging interface, compatible with most smartphone charging cables,

Digital Tire Pressure Detection

Digital tire pressure monitor, monitors tire pressure at any time

USB charging

Micro-USB charging interface, compatible with most smartphone charging cables,

Lightweight Mini size, convenient to carry

Mini size, can be put in pockets, backpacks, and car armrests. It is very convenient to carry, does not take up space, and is necessary for traveling.

.Full Power Charges 6 Motorcycle Tires (6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire)

.Full Power Charges 5 Car Tires (6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire )