Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb - Warm White

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  • Multiple Possibilities - Choose  colors to match your mood and environment. Now you can customize your lighting to meet your personal needs. Multiple lighting scenes (movies, romantic, etc.), always one stage is what you need now
  • Healthy lighting experience: Use professional optical structure and high-quality LED elements. These guarantee a stable light source and constant eye protection while preventing flickering. Adjustable brightness means you can set just the right amount of lighting just for you
  • Remote control: you can control your smart bulb with the free Mi Home app anywhere, anytime
  • Long service life: up to 11 years of service life. With an extremely low power of 10W providing 800 lumens, comparable to 60W incandescent bulbs, you can find cool while saving money

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Mi Smart LED Bulb

Enjoy bright daylight and multiple smart controls

The Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White) uses 2700K beads that have a low color temperature and warm yellow light. The result is soft lighting that helps you relax and makes your home feel warmer. The brightness reaches 810 lm and can be adjusted anytime. Go from darkness to daylight with a click of a button

Easy-to-set-up Wi-Fi connection

The Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White) can be connected via Wi-Fi to your smart home system without a gateway.
After installing the bulb, simply connect to the Mi app and start enjoying your smart lighting.

Smart controls

The Mi Home app provides stepless bulb dimming and brightening as well as programmed on and off times,
delayed lights-off and other thoughtful settings.
If you want something that better suits your lifestyle, use the Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White).

Don't want to walk over to turn it on or off?

The Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White) can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Use your voice to turn the bulb on or off or to adjust it brightness. Going smart is that easy.

Adjust the brightness whenever you want from a soft moon-like glow to a light bright as the sun and back again

The brightness reaches 810 lm and can be adjusted anytime.Couple this with the 2700K warm yellow,and you have the satiny glow of moonlight at low brightness and the warm brilliance of sunlight at high brightness

Customize your lighting play around with even more lighting options

Whether you're having cozy reading time with your child, working overtime, or studying alone, use our lighting recommendations and your favorites folder to customize your lighting for different situations.

Carefully selected materials for better heat dissipation

The lightweight material provides for even heat dissipation and a flawless appearance.
The high-refractive-index PC light-emitting surface is highly transparent and results in bright yet gentle lighting.

Low energy consumption for greater energy conservation,with a service life of 25,000 hours

The Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White) puts out as much as 810 lm of brightness while using as little as 8 W of power.
You'll be saving more energy and using less electricity. A service life of 25,000 hours means at 6 hours of use a day, the bulb will last 11.4 years.