Xiaomi Mi Window And Door Sensor

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QAR 79.00

  • Mi Smart Sensor Set - Smarter security that keeps your home safe and makes life easier; no installation needed, simply stick to use
  • Control hub - Pair your sensor set to the Mi control hub to take control of your home; turn on and off smart devices when someone enters and exits a room
  • Safe - Go to bed knowing that you’ll be alerted by the Mi Home Gateway alarm and your phone if the door or window is opened
  • Lights - The intelligent sensor allows you to set your lights to turn on automatically when you come home and open the door
  • Interacts with other devices - Automatically adjust the air purifier when the window is opened to save energy

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From Manifacture

Senses whether a window/door is open or closed

This window/door sensor includes a main sensor body and a magnet, which work together to determine whether the window/door is open or closed.

Smart connectivity for personalized living

Combine with other Mi Smart Home devices and discover a variety of ways to combine your smart devices. Use your imagination to customize your smart home experience.

Security protection, monitor remotely

When the Mi Smart Home Hub is in Security Mode, opening the window/door triggers the camera to record a short video and send a push notification to your phone.

Open the door, lights turn on

Open the front door and the living room lights turn on automatically. Let technology take care of it for you.

Open the window, air purifier turns off

The air purifier will be turned off automatically when a window is opened for ventilation, saving you both time and energy.

Compact and easy to set up

No need for installation. Just remove the protective film at the back and attach it wherever you like. Won't damage your home doors, windows or furniture. Its compact form saves space.

Premium quality and superb craftsmanship

The sensor connects wirelessly to other devices using ZigBee gateway technology, for fast and reliable connectivity. The batteries can last up to 2 years* under normal conditions.