Yeelight Atmosphere Lamp

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  • Stylish Design: YEELIGHT smart lamp was designed by the design team day and night for four months, and finally realized the integration of lighting, aesthetics and technology. The slim, smooth lamppost is covered in a high-quality transparent plastic shell to provide a unique decoration for your bedroom, living room or game room. Add a unique romantic atmosphere with a chic, warm,smart lamp.
  • Just Give It a Turn: With BLE mesh technology,the bedroom lamps can communicate with each other via YEELIGHT App,allowing you to simultaneously control up to 30,000 lamps at once.Adjust all of lamps'brightness by simply rotating the elegant glass case.
  • Smart APP Control:Support bluetooth APP control,easily control the smart lamps anytime, anywhere with YEELIGHT home app.You can adjust brightness and timing off lights at preset time with the smart App,sync with your smart lifestyle.
  • Smart Mood Lighting: YEELIGHT bedside lamp offers an 1800K color temperature which mimics the natural warmth of candlelight,glare free, adjust the brightness by app or rotate,choose the brightness to match mood,you can create romantic stunning surroundings for any occasion, add stylish addition to your home decor.
  • Rechargeable Candle Light:Built-in 2100mAh high-capacity battery, YEELIGHT LED bedside lamp can last up to 8 hours with one full charge.Small and compact size, you can take it anywhere, not only it can be used in the living room and bedroom, but also can be used for outdoor camping.

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From Manifacture

Your remote to a beautiful candlelit night

Smart control your Candelas by connecting to the Yeelight phone app. With the app, you not only can control one Candela but also can control multiple Candelas at once. In fact, you can select certain Candelas into one group and program the different groups to display various beautiful patterns.

Multiple lights, countless displays

With BLE Mesh technology, Candelas can communicate with each other, allowing you to simultaneously control up to 30,000 Candelas at once. Simply rotate any one Candela and watch all the other Candelas collectively spring to life, matching the brightness of the one Candela you are controlling.

A warm candle light

The Candela holds a 1600K color temperature, the same color temperature as a candlelight, and has adjustable brightness, thus allowing you to mimic the same warm feeling of a candle but without the flame. Designed with health in mind, Candela produces minimal blue light. We tested 32 different materials’ life span, melting point, radiating capability, and thermal condition efficiency and determined the Copper alloys-bass to be the lamp wick material for Candela.


The built-in 2100mAh battery allows for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The portability lets Candela fits in any moment of your life.

Intricately designed

Candela’s final design was the product of a 4-month long collaboration with multinational design teams. Thousands of sketches were created and revised in order to find the perfect blend between light, aesthetics, and technology.