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Gaming sofa with Movable Scroll casters Stay in comfortable sitting Dimension : L800 x W800 x H1020mm High grade PU leather with skin-soft texture for durability. Most suitable height & built-in soft cotton for great Arms comfort. Equipped with four quiet casters on the bottom. The E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa offers a comfortable but stylish seating option for gaming. The sofa is easy to handle thanks to 4 built-in noiseless casters. High-quality, such as flexible cotton padding, combined with a PU leather coating, will provide perfect support for every part of the body. The sofa features an ergonomically shaped head rest, giving you a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The headrest and armrests are in the perfect position so your elbows are at the correct height for an ergonomic gaming experience. Play for hours free from fatigue. The Auroza gaming sofa is made from high grade polyurethane leather allowing for great breathability and ensuring that the sofa is easy to clean. The seat cushion and backrest is made from high resilience sponge filling to ensure that the sofa doesn’t deform. Features: Ergonomically designed cushioning Made from high quality PU leather High resilience sponge filling prevents deformation Noise reduction casters for silent movement